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PE Gas Pipe Fitting
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1) Corrosion resistant: polyethylene is inert material. Except for
few strong oxidant, this material can resist many chemical matter,
no electron chemical corrosion, and do not need corrosion proof
2) No leakage: PE gas pipe adopts fusion connection (thermal fusion or
electric fusion), compare with rubber and other machinery connect
points, it can not occur the leakage as connect point distorted.
3) Excellent flexibility: the flexibility of polyethylene makes PE gas
pipe can be coiled. It is used for no pipe tank construction.
Layout PE gas pipes depends the demand of construction.
4) Good resistance ability for scratch: scratch can make the material
strength concentration and cause pipe damage.
5) Advanced structure of electro fusion fittings: non-naked helical
type heating card guarantees the homogenous heat conduction in
welding zone, and effectively prevents not only the short-circuit
during the connection of the pipes and fittings, but also the
disfigurement of ordinarily naked heating cord which is liable to
age and be corroded. Moreover, the inwall of the fitting is flat
and easy to be installed.
6) High speed resistant of crack transport ability: when there are
some little cracks in pipes by accident, the cracks extent at
a rate of several meters per second. It will damage the pipes by
fierily. However, in our products, we have not found any rapid
crack propagation in practice.
7) Resistance to impact: PE pipes are so tough that they do not intend
to rupture if heavy presses the pipes directly.
8) Convenient for construction: the pipes are light and handled
9) Long service life: more than 50 years


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